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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But if your Nintendo DS Lite happens to suffer from a broken hinge or dead upper screen, why not transform it into a beautiful neon-accented GameBoy Advance handheld?That's exactly the mentality hardware modder, teacher and chiptune musician Joe Bleeps did with his broken Nintendo handheld, and the results are marvelous.
Forbes May 2018

Join me on my YouTube channel as I investigate, repair and refurbish two untested classic handheld consoles.

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I've been busy building a selection of videos on my channel showcasing a range of the projects and mods that I do.

Learning to film, edit and present to the camera has been a great new hobby to get into!

There are plenty more videos to come so please do check it out!

Welcome to my world.

Hi, I'm Joe. I like tech old and new, especially taking stuff apart and fixing things. I like sharing my projects on YouTube and social media. Most of all, I like building new creations out of old, worn out Nintendo handheld consoles.

I've made many custom Game Boy consoles and I created a thing called Neon Advance that you can find out more about here. I also create, record and perform music using Nintendo Game Boy and software called LSDJ.

I've made this page to try and document and archive some of the stuff I've worked on, so take a look around. I hope you enjoy your visit.