"It shows us how one era of consumer tech could be remixed or enhanced by people — an era that's arguably coming to a close as corporations lock down their products through hostile product design and online software updates"

Mashable  May 2018

"How one man is turning dead DS Lites into gorgeous Game Boy Advance Systems"

"A modder is turning broken Nintendo DS Lites into beautiful Game Boy Advances"

"'Neon Advance' reminds us that some gadgets really can live forever"

"Nintendo DS sees new life as the 'Neon Advance'"

"Broken Nintendo handhelds turned into beautiful Game Boys"

"GameBoy 'Neon Advance':  How this modder gives life to broken Nintendo DS systems"

"This modder is creating beautiful Game Boy Advance systems from broken Nintendo DS ones"

"Modder creates a bluetooth ready Game Boy because why the heck not"