joe bleeps is a designer, maker, youtube content creator, modder, gamer, reviewer, writer, teacher, public speaker, musician and skateboarder residing in the united kingdom.  

with an honours degree in product design and many years' experience of teaching and exploring his own projects, joe is able to share a wide knowledge and understanding of the function, repair and modification of electronic products, with a particular interest in video games hardware, both "retro" and modern.

with a remit of "useless electronic toys", joe's content focuses on fun and ranges from gaming hardware reviews and repairs to dawless music creation, hardware modification and all things electronic.

joe has a keen interest in taking a "diy" approach to everything, with each new project, hobby or interest presenting itself as an opportunity to develop new skills such as music creation, video editing, 3d modelling, website design or graphic design.

initially gaining a following on instagram for the creation of custom game boy consoles for a range of well-known "chiptune" music artists, joe went on to make a name for himself (literally where the "bleeps" moniker was coined) as a chiptune artist in his own right, performing live music at many shows, releasing recorded music and presenting workshops, as well as being featured on sky news and taking part in a bbc radio 4 documentary about chiptune music. 

since then, joe has continued to explore the many possibilities of game boy repairs and modifications, with countless creations being shared over the years and expanding into other areas of gaming hardware, electronic music creation and other builds and repairs.

joe became more widely known following the creation of the "neon advance" in 2018, finding a new way to repurpose broken nintendo ds lite consoles to create beautiful game boy advance consoles with a distinctive light bar set between the hinge openings.  the concept went viral and brought a new audience to joe's creations.

more recently, joe has focused on sharing his various ongoing projects on the youtube platform, siezing the opportunity to learn new presentation and editing skills, building his own converted studio workshop in a tiny shed to create weekly videos to share his knowledge and interests.

joe's youtube following is currently growing steadily with tutorials, reviews and insights uploaded weekly to his channel.  He is always looking for new ideas and collaborators for upcoming videos, so if you want to get involved, please get in touch.

joe bleeps, march 2024